Clive Thomas
Managing Director of Watkins & Gunn Solicitors

“We worked with D3 Digital on 3 occasions, they’ve done 2 websites for us and an app, and we found them very easy to work with, we discussed the concept first and then they pick it up really quickly and are able to give great suggestions and advice based on their experience with other projects. Their customer service was excellent throughout, and we felt very involved in the whole project and they were willing to make tweaks as we’ve been along. What set them apart from other agencies is that they took a real interest in each project, and they understood the desired outcome and even followed up afterwards to see that it was all working to our satisfaction, so I would definitely recommend D3 Digital. I would also definitely work with D3 Digital in the future, and are already thinking about other projects that we can work with them on. If I could use a few words to describe them I would say expert, engaged, facilitators."

Phil Grunewald
Managing Director of AVA Fire & Security Systems

“D3 Digital upgraded our old and tired looking website to a new and improved version, bringing in new designs, videos of our solutions and generally making it a much faster and better user experience. It felt very easy working with D3 Digital. They took me through the process, a simple costing, and what options we had available to us, showing me examples of similar sites where we could take inspiration from. I knew the type of thing I was after but D3 really broke that down into manageable chunks. The customer service was great, and it never felt that I was being a pain asking for minor changes all the time. I think D3 Digital was better than other agencies I had experience with because they seemed to care as much as I did about the outcomes I needed and ensuring the ease of my client’s journey through the site. I would have no hesitation in recommending D3 Digital to any SME organisation and would have full confidence that they would offer the service and cost/value proposition that we received so successfully. I am already looking at our next project with D3 which we are looking to implement in next few months. I would describe D3 Digital as exceptionally knowledgeable and keen to help."

Andrew Knight
Director of The Spark Company

“D3 Digital helped me with a complete review of my existing website, which like many businesses started off as something done in-house that I wanted to get done professionally and properly. We took what I’d already done, build it into something that was fit for purpose for the future, and the relaunched the SEO-friendly website along with some new branding to help explain our vision, the services that we offer, and help expanding our offering to Cardiff and the South Wales area. Working with D3 Digital has been actually really easy and quite relaxing compared to many other contractors and technical people I work with. D3 Digital managed to turn the whole web building and design experience into a straight-forward and plain English process. Which for me as a busy person is really important. I really enjoyed working with D3 Digital because I felt treated like a customer that mattered. Many agencies and contractors that I’ve worked with are often too busy to do the little things that make you feel valued, but working with D3 I felt like my opinions were listened to, my vision was brought to life, and that as a customer I was important to them. I think what really sets D3 Digital apart for me as in my conversations with them about building the website they wanted an outcome that meant I would be so busy and overwhelmed with contacts and potential work in a few months’ time that I’d be calling them to almost turn off the secret sauce that they had built into the website for me because it was performing so well. I don’t think every agency offers that, many agencies offer the opportunity of working with them and then buying future services in order to keep things going. The D3 proposition is more about making what you’ve paid for work really well, rather than keeping you in long contracts paying for lots of things that you don’t need, that should have rather than been built properly. I’d recommend D3 Digital because they’re easy to work with, technically brilliant, and as a customer I felt listened to the entire time. I would 100% work with D3 Digital again. I would describe D3 as pragmatic, clear and innovative."

Chris Bown
Director of The Full EV

“We asked D3 Digital to put together a website for us that would be completely convincing from the outset, look very professionally, but more importantly, it was gonna automatically cope with enquiries from potential customers. What was great was that we were looking for a website built that we would be able to update ourselves, but we would also have some support from the D3 Digital team to deal with all the technical aspects of any changes we went with as we develop the business and as we develop the website. What was great was working with people who were very responsive to questions and coming up with solutions to the ideas that we had along the ways as we developed the site. We started out with a plan for the site, but we were developing a bit on the fly, and they were coping with that. So, we set out with some ideas for the website but inevitably they changed and developed as we were building it and what was great was that we were able to ask the D3 guys to help us with solutions on the technical side and the practical things that we wanted to achieve as we developed our plans. I think what was great was the flexibility and that they weren’t trying to just own our website on our behalf and were quite comfortable about the fact that we had some input and would be having some ongoing input in modifying and changing the site. As an example, we subsequently added an online shop with a basket and checkout and that was something that was quite easy for us to do add and worked together with them on developing. I think it’s really that flexibility that I’d certainly recommend them for. They don’t act as if they want to put everything inside some kind of electronic black box and possess it on your behalf. They’re much more into working collaboratively to develop an effective business tool that really works for your business. Working on a website is something that is, to my mind, part of an ongoing process of growing and developing your business, so we expect to keep working with D3 Digital as we expand and grow our offering."