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A website is the home of any business. It's the digital hub for everything provided and can be used as a powerful tool for sales, marketing and overall brand awareness.

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We typically create android and IOS apps to allow businesses to have a focused and tailored solution for their customers, staff, and others. At its core, an app is designed to be user-focused and unique in its offering, often with specific tasks.

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Ensuring your brand personality shines through and matches our digital solutions, whether we produce work from scratch or off an existing identity.

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Transforming your website with a Magento build, very popular and very effective, especially for e-commerce stores.

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Initial audit, evaluation, and plan of action. Reviewing how you're currently set up and what needs to be improved. This usually depends on the size of the business.

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Similar to an audit, we would work together on a monthly basis and assess the structure and provide a plan of action.

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If you're anything like us, you're a little obsessed with your business and want to ensure it's always looking its best. We book in monthly calls to ensure your ideas and improvements can be discussed and worked on during that day.

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Updating the latest plug-ins and updates, monthly. Similar to your phone telling you it needs an update and to restart, only more important.

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SEO & Ads

Simply put, ranking higher on Google through expert SEO, keywords, Google My Business, paid ads and other forms of search like Bing.

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Initial training is provided when we provide new websites, apps, and related software's, but we can also provide this separately or more in-depth, if you're truly looking to join us in the dark realm of coding (or just adding your latest awards images).

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CRM Systems

Google says it best – “a customer relationship management is a process in which a business or other organisation administers its interactions with customers, typically using data analysis to study large amounts of information."

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Other Software

There's so many interesting digital solutions to unique ideas and tricky problems that are created every day. We are on-hand to discuss anything more tailored and look into how our skill set can help.

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