Pegasus Medical

Pegasus Medical

Pegasus Medical is an independent ambulance service providing professional, high quality transport solutions across the UK. They were looking for a mobile app for their customers, tailored to their needs, disabilities, preferences, and more.

Digital Solutions

Having the latest digital solutions is vital for growing and maintaining any business. Whether that be a website, mobile app, CRM system, or even things like hosting, keywords and SEO. Staying on top of your digital presence helps potential customers find, follow and engage with you. If your competitors are focusing on their digital solutions, perhaps it's important for your sector.

Tailored Apps

An app is generally designed and created for something unique and specific to a business or the broader world. They often exist to help solve a problem or introduce something new to the world. They are more technical and tailored than a typical website, and can be excellent in delivering a service or product, and have to be user-focused and without errors.

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