Why D3 Digital Was Founded


D3 Digital was founded at the start of 2023 by John Lomax and Haydn Wakeling. Previously, John (myself, writer) ran a software development agency for 8 years, and Haydn still runs a video production company, Black Swan Productions. After working on some great projects together, we decided to create D3 Digital, a software development agency creating custom software such as websites, apps, CRM systems, Magento builds, and others.

Our Vision

With years of experience developing all kinds of custom software, working across so many interesting projects and solving many complex problems, I decided to partner with Haydn to elevate our service offering, and look to bring in a team that could work on bigger projects.  Looking at things from an experienced development perspective, but also with a creative vision, and seeing how things tie into the overall business strategy and our customers, customers perspectives and user-journeys.

Mission Statement

D3 Digital is a digital agency in Cardiff that helps to empower innovative businesses to thrive online. We do this with a three-step process of Design, Develop and Deploy. This helps us super-charge digital experiences for businesses and increase their reach to awaken their online potential. We are a bunch of highly experienced, creative, and passionate individuals. At heart, we're tech nerds and creatives, backed up by our degrees in computer science and constant passion to evolve with the latest technological developments. We are here to connect you with your audience and help provide digital solutions to remove your stress and ensure your operations run smoothly. It doesn't matter if it's a website for a start-up, an advanced app for a large corporation, or a strategy of development to ensure all your processes are up to speed and competitive. Regardless, we're here to chat, and we're here to help. To create a digital world that’s open to all.

Our Future

We’re excited about the future of D3 Digital and the fantastic clients and unique projects we have lined up. So far, we’ve loved working on all sorts of projects, such as developing customer-focused legal websites, problem-solving with healthcare mobile apps, tailored CRM systems to vastly improve care homes processes, tailored Magento websites across various different sectors, and various other custom software. We’re looking forward to sharing our case studies, customers journeys, latest updates, writing blogs, and posting on social media. We hope you’re there for the ride with us as we head towards a new year!

Thanks for reading!

We hope these software development tips have helped to engage positive-thought for improving your business and online presence. 

We are always happy to offer a free chat to discuss any potential projects you have in mind and provide a consultation on how our expertise can elevate your vision.

Blog written by John Lomax, Technical Director of D3 Digital.



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